goals for september


// AUGUST //

Refinish furniture. — Still working on this one. I refinished a table for our patio, finished stripping and sanding the lingerie dresser and started on one of two side tables that need a facelift. Currently I’m waiting on my milk paint to come in the mail and I’ve run out of sandpaper, so progress is temporarily halted.

Master the art of the pull-up. — I DID IT! I whipped a few out one day without even really thinking I would — but I did!

Learn to remix my wardrobe. — Enjoying the chance to use what I have and mix things up a bit. My current spending hiatus makes this even more of a timely goal.

Complete a Whole30. — I’m more than halfway through with my Whole30, and going (kind of…) strong. I’ve had a few slip-ups but I’m over it. Not going to give up yet!


Get back into running. — I stopped running for a few months after some lower back pain crept into my workout routine. I’ve since been seeing an awesome chiropractor and am feeling more aligned and ready to hit the trails again.

Finish out the Whole30. — I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive. Here’s to a sprint to the finish. And here’s to not going insane once it’s over with. (I’m looking at you, affogatos, red wine and chocolate chip cookies.)

Teach a Pilates class. — Our Pilates teacher on base is on furlough, and for a while my friend Ciara was teaching the classes in her absence. Now that Ciara has moved to California, I’ll be taking her place, learning and teaching and with big shoes to fill!

Finish those refinishing projects. — They’re really creeping along, but I must finish them by the end of this month.

Celebrate. — Three of my favorite people have birthdays this month: Andrew, my dad and my grandma. Three cheers for birthdays!

Even out here in the desert, the winds of autumn are upon us. How do you navigate the changing seasons? What goals are you hoping to accomplish this month?


One thought on “goals for september

  1. Look at you! I just wrote an article about crossing off lists and prioritizing! You know this made you feel good right? 🙂

    List really help people feel accomplished! Good for you!

    -Michael Dooley

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