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SONY DSCSONY DSCart museum Iart musuem IISONY DSCI’m enjoying getting back into the rhythm of these posts, of sending out little snapshots of the most notable, colorful parts of my weekend. Andrew helped me pick out some blush carnations from the grocery store, and now they’re cozy on our table in the kitchen. Everything is a little brighter in our house now that we have new windows — even if that did mean a day without air conditioning and with fifteen gaping holes in my walls while they took out the old and installed the new. But at the end of the day I have a potentially reduced electric bill and a cool old windowpane/door to make something with, so I’m a happy girl.

Over the weekend I baked a peach pie with a homemade lard crust and gave it to the old guys who run my favorite butcher shop. They make their own bacon and sell eggs gathered from their farm and, last month, gave me a free gallon of lard they’d rendered. I can’t receive free lard and not repay the kindness with a pie, Whole30 be damned.

A couple of pieces from a museum art exhibit were so striking I couldn’t help but snap a photo — the colors, the texture, the glow were all too much to leave behind. And speaking of left behind, our neighbor anonymously left a box of bread on our doorstep, nine packages to be exact of everything from white and wheat and all that’s in between. This “just because” mentality of kindness is something I’d like to get better at. We are all either teachers or students, our roles expanding and contracting depending on the day, the heat and the cold, the pressure from within. And no matter if you eat bread or not, you can’t deny the generosity of a box of free food from neighbors.

I made a big purchase this week: a pair of beautiful high-waisted Emerson Fry vintage-inspired jeans that I have been enamored with for no less than four years. While doing a little birthday shopping for Andrew I found these babies on super-sale and snatched them up. After a quick stitch to hem the length they fit perfectly. Happy birthday to meeeee…and now begins a self-imposed spending hiatus. Not that I’ll need to buy anything ever again now that I have these beautiful pants.

Listening to The Wailin’ Jennys and the new Civil Wars album. Working on refinishing some furniture. I can’t wait for this to come in. Making these on repeat, and eating them with everything from spicy chicken and deli turkey to scrambled eggs. Reading this again and waiting for my hardcopy of 7 to come in the mail so I can read it for the second time, thanks very much to my sweet mama for sending it my way.


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