goals for july


// JUNE //

Let go of expectations — This one was heavy, but I think I did pretty well at meeting this goal. In June, some of our friends headed off to their next assignments, and in the same week we found out where our next assignment will be. To put it lightly, it was an emotional month, but one in which I still felt excited about the future, no matter what the end result happened to be. Thankfully we got an AMAZING next assignment, and I’m so grateful that I was able to keep a spirit of optimism (okay…mostly) about what was waiting for us up ahead.

Cherish time with loved ones — This month I spent a ton of time with people I love. I took an amazing trip home for my birthday, celebrated with friends in Texas, soaked up daily life with friends before they moved, took a girls’ trip to Dallas and saw family while there…it was a social month and my heart is full because of it.

Keep running — Instead of running more I went to the chiropractor, and I’m going to be keeping that up more so than the running part.

Take better care of my skin — Working on it!

Take my vitamins — Did okay with this, going to keep making it a habit.

// JULY //

Make more ice cream. — Because it’s summer, and nothing beats the heat better than homemade ice cream.

Harvest our first homegrown tomato. — Three or four pink baby tomatoes are clinging to our lone tomato plant, and I can’t wait to turn them into a caprese salad.

Watch fireworks. — My favorite way to spend Independence Day.

Do hill sprints. — There are about two and a half hills here, and I want to run up them. If I can get out of the house early enough in the morning, before it gets too scorching, I’ll be working on my fitness the best way I know how.

Do my research. — We have a lot to figure out about our next assignment: housing, the job market, grad school opportunities, car options…

What are you working toward this month?

(photo from when I made this)


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