brownie mishaps


I tried my hand at gluten free brownie baking this weekend, at the problems were evident before I even began. Qualities one must have when embarking on a kitchen experiment include, but are not limited to: a well-stocked pantry and an unlimited supply of patience. I had neither. What I did have was a hankering for something chocolate, a scant cup of my handy gluten free flour mix, and several nifty recipes with which to play mad scientist.

My intentions were good, but the result was a sad one.

SONY DSCI sifted flours, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt and cinnamon together. Over a double boiler, I melted an orphan stick of butter, two hefty scoops of coconut oil, a drizzle of maple syrup and the handful of chocolate chips left in the canister, the only bits left after a week of Andrew’s after-dinner sweets foraging. The dry and the wet were mixed together and baked for an unscientific amount of time, in a pie plate no less.

My brownies had, to be sure, a good and rich flavor, but the texture of sand. I scooped crumby lumps of brownie into ramekins and scraped it and my pride up by the spoonfuls.SONY DSCInstead of my recipe, I leave you with some of my favorites from some of my favorites. I was originally inspired by Shauna of the Gluten Free Girl fame, and then pulled from an old standby, Deb at Smitten Kitchen.

I’ve made Deb’s easy cocoa brownies more times than I can count, and these  from Shauna caught my eye once I started looking for a gluten free replacement. Make sure you pour over her round-up of links to other gluten free brownie recipes, ranging from classic to esoteric — with orange zest, with peppermint, with ricotta, vegan banana nut or raspberry, just to name a few. These look like the kind my mother used to bake for my dad when they were dating, although a little more vivacious, and these look downright naughty.

Happy baking — I wish you better luck and more patience, as with everything.


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