Texas twist


Sometimes you  just need a cocktail. I am of the opinion that the proximity of the weekend has little to do with whether or not a properly mixed gin and tonic is appropriate. It is appropriate. Because sometimes a little sparkly drink is the best way to celebrate the middle of the week, to turn an otherwise rote evening into a special occasion. On harder weeks, a cocktail is a nice way to insert a little pampering into a tough routine.

I never appreciate cocktails until I can’t have one. I’m currently in the middle of a clean eating/digestive repair protocol that prohibits alcohol and many of my other vices — chocolate, coffee, these cookies. So in honor of my longing for a crisp glass of rosé, a tinkly tumbler of bourbon, a tall and shimmery beer, here’s a little cocktail I’ve been keeping in the archives for just such an occasion. Cheers.SONY DSCTexas Twist

white grapefruit juice – bottled, canned or freshly squeezed

2 oz. spiced rum

dash of angostura bitters

splash of club soda


Stir together first three ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice. Add a splash of club soda – makes one serving. Would be excellent with a wedge of candied ginger and an extra wedge of grapefruit. (Have an extra for me, will you?)


One thought on “Texas twist

  1. And sometimes the week is bad enough that you need one for breakfast. I mean, it has grapefruit juice . . .

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