goals for june


How is this month already over? It absolutely flew by. June is my birthday month and so I’m happy to see it here so early, even if May left me gasping for breath the whole way through.


// MAY //

Sew a new dress in time for our vacation — I failed before I even began. I need a bigger workspace, more time, better instruction and nicer fabric before I start to sew my own clothes with any attempt at seriousness.

Read — Finished The Creative Habit, and loved all of MFK Fisher’s work, as always. I read I, Robot by Isaac Asimov, Good Kids by Benjamin Nugent, The Paleo Slowcooker by Arsy Vartanina. I just downloaded Gone Girl and Tiny Beautiful Things for an upcoming plane ride, and I’m looking forward to diving into some classics when I finish those.

Take a trip to the thrift store — Check. I took a big load of stuff, plus some from a friend who’s also moving soon, and have started a pile of clothes to sell on consignment.

Make my own toothpaste – Evidence here.

Visit the farmers market — My first trip to the market was a little disappointing, but growing season hadn’t really started for fruits and vegetables yet. I’m eager to start buying locally grown tomatoes and peaches starting this month.

// JUNE //

Let go of expectations — Big things are coming up (birthday, new job assignments) and I want to be ready to embrace all the good that comes with them without playing into my own expectations.

Cherish time with loved ones — I’ll get to spend time with family and friends, at home and at home home, this month. I want to focus on quality time while I have them around.

Keep running — I’ve logged a few miles this week and I want to go farther, longer…

Take better care of my skin — After a little trip to the beach, a big sunburn, and a lot of peeling, I’ve resolved to take better care of my skin, both in and out of the sun.

Take my vitamins — New supplements are on their way and I want to be diligent about taking them. Much like watering my plants, I usually forget to take them for a few days. Oops.

What good things await you this month?


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