goals for may


Every month I write about some goals I want to accomplish in the weeks ahead, and recount how I did in following through in the weeks behind. I’m working on a few long-term goals for the entire year, but mostly I take it all in small steps. See my progress here

// APRIL //

get back into yoga — every few months I have to cycle back into this, one of my favorite activities. Once I become a regular again I always wonder why I took me so long to come back. I didn’t do this, even though I needed it. But one of the cool things about making lists of goals and things-to-do is that, gradually, I have learned to give myself grace when I don’t “accomplish” something. What’s the point of having goals if they only encourage self-loathing and frustration? Like in yoga, in life it is important to breathe through the undesirable moments and move forward into something better. For me this month, that something better meant working really hard in my weight training program and seeing big payoffs in my strength. It’s a wonderful thing to feel like a beautiful badass.

write every day — there’s lots in my head and in my heart that needs to get down on paper and not on a Word doc. To me, writing is like prayer. This month was full of it in the very best way.

take care of my skin — a few crazy breakouts lately have left me in dire need for a Skintervention. I’ve been revamping my skincare routine, and with good results, although I still need to do some tweaking to figure out the cause of some odd breakouts. I will hopefully share more about this soon if anyone is interested – thoughts?

take a break from social media + blogs — including this one. Taking a month off from blogging was hard – I missed it! – but also incredibly easy. This was exactly what I needed to do to refocus and re-prioritize. I lived for the sake of it, not because it would make a great blog post or photograph. I learned an incredible amount, went through a few hardships, pushed myself physically and emotionally…all good things. And now I’m back with a renewed purpose and plenty of excitement about what lies ahead.


// MAY //

Sew a new dress in time for our vacation — I’d like something like this – but I don’t want to spend the money or the time searching for it. Instead, I’m going to try to make my own, and I’m thinking a silk blend or linen would be nice.

Read — There are always so many books to read. I want to finish The Creative Habit, my collection of MFK Fisher essays, pick up 7 by Jen Hatmaker, and dive into some classic fiction by the likes of Eudora Welty and Ernest Hemingway.

Take a trip to the thrift store — We’re going to be moving again at the end of the summer and already I’m starting to eye useless bits and bobs around the house. I want to give some of our junk away to both prepare for the move and continue along with my ultimate goal of living with less.

Make my own toothpaste — No joke.

Visit the farmers market — Our local market should be starting up this week and I couldn’t be more excited to get my hands on some west Texas produce before the sun burns it all up in July.

What goals await you this month?


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  1. oh true apothecary –

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