goals for april


// march recap //

try out a free CrossFit intro class at my local box I actually completed this goal on March 2. My first CrossFit session was incredibly inspiring and exhilarating, and I think if I ever decide to commit to a membership I’ll finally be able to complete an unassisted pull-up and be the Beautiful Badass that I want to be. For now, I’m content to do my training at our free on-base gym with my husband, but I think I’ll soon be ready for bigger and badder challenges — ones that CrossFit will surely be and outlet for.

finish up operation revamp  Success!

rehab my gut with a sugar detox and plenty of probiotics  The process certainly isn’t finished, but I’ve been trying my best to take care of my second brain by supplementing with probiotic capsules and foods, limiting sugar intake, trying to reduce stress and digestion. I didn’t do an official sugar detox, but my awareness definitely improved.

read Daisy Miller by Henry James Check. I also read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, The Truth About Style by Stacy London, A Daring Life: A Biography of Eudora Welty by Carolyn J. Brown, The Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and Shou-Ching Jaminet, Ph.D., and Sugarhouse by Matthew Batt. On to more books as per 2013 goal number 9.

drink/eat more green every day I’ve loved drinking more green smoothies this month, and I documented most of my favorite concoctions here. Thanks to Mama’s Weeds for issuing this fun challenge!

run a local race << I was totally prepared to run a 5k one Saturday this month (I even did a little training!), but my sleep quality was so poor in the weeks following the daylight savings shift that I couldn’t bear the thought of getting up early to run a race when my bedtime was, on average, around 12:30. Long story short, no race for me.

*     *     *     *     *

// april goals //

get back into yoga — every few months I have to cycle back into this, one of my favorite activities. Once I become a regular again I always wonder why I took me so long to come back.

write every day — there’s lots in my head and in my heart that needs to get down on paper and not on a Word doc.

take care of my skin — a few crazy breakouts lately have left me in dire need for a Skintervention.

take a break from social media + blogs — including this one. I’m going to take the month off from blogging to do some thinking, writing, traveling and general fun-having. Sometimes you need to step away from the screen and step back into your own skin for a while. This is the case for me, and so if you need me I’ll be devoting April to all of the good things above and then some: finding my direction, focusing and reprioritizing. I hope you’ll stick around to see what emerges after my sabbatical. Wishing you lots of love in the meantime!


6 thoughts on “goals for april

  1. Spring E-book Bundle | pro tempore

    • I’ve used many probiotic capsules over the years — I was prone to fever blisters as a kid and so took acidophilus, etc, to keep those nasty sores at bay. Lately, I haven’t been pleased with the way probiotic capsules make me feel, and so I’ve been trying to get probiotics through my food. Naturally occurring bacteria, found in nutrient-dense foods like kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and fermented cod liver oil, are more wholesome sources of probiotics anyway. Let me know what you think and if you try anything!

      • After much over-analysis, I decided to purchase fermented cod liver oil/butter oil capsules, which arrived today! There will definitely be a blog post about them if I see good results. 🙂

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