a review of Pure Indian Foods ghee + a giveaway [CLOSED]

Ghee is one of my favorite cooking fats. It is a close cousin to butter and incredibly versatile, with a high smoke point, plus it’s nutritious, with plenty of fat soluble vitamins and CLA. When the right ghee is available – and by right I mean grassfed – it is truly a beautiful addition to my pantry. Daffodil-bright, with a golden, wholesome glow, I do love to keep ghee around.

For a while, I was making my own ghee, but it was a little time-consuming for how often I used the stuff. Plus I think I was actually making browned butter instead of real, traditional clarified butter. (If you’ve ever tried to make either you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

So when the kind folks at Pure Indian Foods offered a sample of their products to review, I was thrilled to get my hands on a few little jars of their excellent quality ghee.

I received a jar of the Organic Grassfed Ghee and a sample pack of six spiced ghees (with all organic herbs/spices) to taste. And let me tell you – I’ve had a blast experimenting with these different flavors.

My favorite, by far, was the original Organic Grassfed Ghee, simply because it was such a pure product and so versatile. I have used it in almost everything I’ve prepared in the last month or so, from frittatas to whole broiled sardines, and all with excellent results.

A few notes:

Organic Grassfed Ghee – A timeless fat to have on hand for any number of recipes, be it a fried egg or roasted asparagus in the oven. One of my favorite ways to use this ghee was to roast a chicken. I rubbed a cut lemon over the washed-and-dried skin of a whole chicken, then coated the whole thing in kosher salt and melted ghee. The bird emerged from the oven golden, crispy and with a slightly caramelized flavor. I owe it entirely to the ghee.

Digestive Ghee – With cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, this buttery fat tastes like chai tea and should be dolloped onto a hot roasted sweet potato.

Garlic Ghee – A delicate garlic scent and flavor, almost as if it has been infused with whole cloves. Offers a subtle allium note to anything you sauté or roast.

Herbes de Provence Ghee – Smells like a French field. With the traditional Herbes de Provence – savory, thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon, and lavender flowers – this ghee would be and excellent medium for pan-frying chicken or fish.

Indian Dessert Ghee – The spices here are a little different than what I’m used to – fennel, cardamom and saffron round out this “dessert” ghee – but I’m thinking it would be delicious in a Southeast Asia-inspired panna cotta with a little extra cardamom.

Italian Ghee – This makes a great foundation for any homemade marinara or puttancesca sauce. With flavors of oregano, rosemary and thyme, this infuses a dish with a light layer of herbal flavor that is only improved by the addition of other fresh or dried herbs.

Niter Kebbeh Ghee – An Ethiopian Spiced ghee, this contains cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, turmeric and nutmeg, and would be a great way to start off a savory curry or finish a creamy butternut soup. The cardamom and coriander come through strong, and this is probably my least favorite flavor simply because I haven’t found a way to use it yet.

Pure Indian Foods prepares their spiced ghee under the guidance of ancient Ayurvedic texts, which espouse the beneficial properties including but not limited to:

  • Yogavahi: Ghee has an ability to augment the effect of any herb added to it. Ghee also helps transport the healing and health-promoting qualities of the herbs to the body.
  • Samskar Anuvartan: When ghee is processed with herbs, it does not lose its own qualities while imbibing the attributes of the herbs added to it. Among all oils and fats, only ghee has this unique quality, whereas other oils and fats give up their own qualities. For example, when sandalwood is added to an oil, the oil loses its “heating” quality and adapts the “cooling” quality of the sandalwood.

What the Ayurvedic texts don’t directly address is the superior flavor and texture of the Pure Indian Foods ghee. I loved each that I sampled — so much so, that I’d love for one of you to have your own chance to experience it!

Pure Indian Foods is offering one 14 oz. jar of Organic Grassfed Ghee and one assorted sampler pack of 6 1.1 oz. jars to one lucky reader. Simply comment below about how you would use any of the flavors of ghee to make something yummy for yourself. For an extra entry, share a link to this post and giveaway on a social media platform and comment about that, too. The giveaway will be open until Sunday, March 31 at midnight, and I’ll randomly choose a winner to announce on Monday, April 1.

Meanwhile, you can find me in the kitchen, cooking up recipes for that Niter Kebbeh ghee.


23 thoughts on “a review of Pure Indian Foods ghee + a giveaway [CLOSED]

  1. Ghee Giveaway | pro tempore

  2. Ooh…love this! Being Indian, I use ghee in both sweet and savory dishes. I would use the original flavor ghee for my vegetable pulao and the dessert ghee for frying gulab jamuns or in a ghee cake. The spiced ghees sound divine. My mom makes her own ghee, infused with black pepper corns and curry leaves. This reminds me of home!
    I would love to win this!

  3. Wow! I actually never even thought about spicing ghee. Because my mother is an Ayurvedic practitioner, there was always homemade ghee in our house when I was growing up– but always plain! I think using a spoonful of ghee to make a dahl and rice dish a little more buttery is delicious. And I love all your ideas of what to do with the spiced versions!!

  4. I would probably try it on just pasta first to be able to taste them all. Then I would get more daring. I bet the digestive one would be good on toast!

  5. Hey thanks for this post. I’ve been curious about ghee for a while and would certainly love to try it. I really like the pan-fried banana idea, but I might saute an onion in the garlic ghee to top a juicy steak!

  6. I’m from Canada…I HOPE I still qualify 🙂 I think this could help me digestively. I’d use with eggs or on apples or drizzled on veggies (i.e. smothered)…anything 🙂

  7. Love these ideas! I think I’d like the herbs de provence on some cod or salmon to spice things up, but I secretly want to try them all! Go ghee!

  8. I’ve never heard of ghee before, but I’d love to give it a try! We use garlic in everything, so the garlic ghee would be an awesome addition to some baked chicken and rice (our staple budget dinner!)

  9. I’d love to add this on top of the foods I’m learning to make now. It’d help me eat more veggies too! I’m sharing this on my Facebook page for sure.

  10. For Niter Kebbeh Ghee..Thanks for sharing. I tried this in simple chicken curry that my Indian friend taught me and believe me this turned out so amazing with this ghee, that the whole bowl was finish by my family. I am surely going to use ghee in more of my recipes.

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