a shout-out to whole larder love

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This beautiful video comes to you and me by way of my friend Lindi, who is forever sending me gorgeous clips and tumblr accounts and other things that make me crave someone else’s effortlessly cultivated life. This film of Rohan Anderson‘s smokehouse is no different.

I wasn’t sure what this little video was about until I clicked on it, but something looked so familiar to me, and as it turns out I already follow Anderson’s blog, Whole Larder Love, because I’m infatuated with a return-to-the-land dream of subsistence farming on family land. Call me crazy, but I’d love to live a life like this someday.

Meanwhile, I do my best to make do with what we already have in our little home — warmth from beeswax candlelight, instead of from a roaring fireplace; cherishing birdsong of mourning doves and swallows, even if it only comes from the electrical lines in the alley; mason jars full of home-grown dried herbs and homemade chicken stock in our little pantry; exchanges with local farmers for home-cured bacon, fresh eggs, good beef and a firm handshake. Someday, perhaps, life will be simpler and rustic, like Rohan’s smokehouse. For now, life is still pretty great, and I do have summers at the farm to dream about returning to, when the garden is full to bursting and the Purple Martins are swooping down in pairs to catch fireflies.

And, of course, we do have the internet dreamland of blogs and tumblrs. Here are a few favorite links to feed my imagination, and yours, if you’re so inclined: A Well Traveled Woman, Soule Mama, Kate Davies, The Yard, Oh, Pioneer!, Fox’s Lane.


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