busy bee

new-winter-header.jpgnew-winter-header-ii.jpgnew-winter-header-ii1.jpgHello reader-friends, I’ll be hard at work this weekend revamping the site — already I’ve changed a few things around and I’ve got plenty in the works. What do you think about the new details around here?

If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment, I’d love to hear your opinion on the three header versions I’ve created above. Additionally, if you have any ideas or requests for content or design additions here on little dutch wife, make sure you leave a comment about that too. Spring is just around the corner and already I feel the stirring of new blood, new creativity, and a strong desire to clean house!


24 thoughts on “busy bee

  1. Oh fun! Okay, I like the header you have up now, the third option. I think it looks best without the white background. I know those white lines separating pictures are probably tricky if you wanted your letters to have a transparent background AND spread across two pictures. I would probably experiment with working your title into the space between the last two pictures, under the egg carton and pie. I also really like the font in the first option! It’s looking great, so exciting you’ve customized!

  2. I like the first one best– I have a certain fondness for skinny “handwritten” fonts! But the one you have up now is very pretty also. 🙂

  3. Hi Erin! The third option looks best, I think – both “unassuming” and clear enough at the same time. And it looks softer without the white background. Yes, definitely no white background! Now that you ask…

  4. HI Erin – it’s really tricky – I think one and three are great. Three is quite understated & classy, but one has a bit more personality – hard to choose. Which one do you think describes you best? Pics are lovely and homey

    • Thanks, Chas! I definitely like the quirk of the first one, but the more handwriting-esque typeface is what I prefer for now. Maybe I’ll do a new header for the spring with more whimsy?

  5. I like the third one best. Also, love your pictures and the peaceful meditative tone of your site. 🙂

  6. daylight savings time | little dutch wife

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