goals for march


Happy March, everyone! This has always been my favorite month. I love the color green, and where I grew up this was the time of year when new shoots of grass and soft mists of green started to settled over the pastures and forests. Sunlight stays a little longer, seems a little brighter. The world starts to come  back alive in March, and it’s the downward slope toward spring after a long winter.

I’m excited about my goals for this month. They’re simple, they encourage good habits, and this month I will push myself to try new things.

// march //

try out a free CrossFit intro class at my local box

finish up operation revamp :: the closet

rehab my gut with a sugar detox and plenty of probiotics

read Daisy Miller by Henry James

drink/eat more green every day

run a local race

*     *     *     *     *

// february recap //

consistently follow a regular strength training schedule (using The New Rules of Lifting for Women) Except for my one week off, during which I was sick and taking antibiotics, I’ve been following the training plan entirely. The plan recommends drinking a protein shake after each lifting session, and although I tried it for a couple of weeks and liked it, I didn’t see any immediate results and I’m turned off by the high price of good quality protein powder. (I used Jay Robb’s Vanilla Egg White Protein.) Otherwise, I’m doing my best to lift heavy things, move frequently, eat well and rest plenty. I’m looking forward to the payoff!

make and send Valentine’s Day cards I did! And I got several in return.

stick to our grocery budget << Here, I failed. It should have been easy to stick to our budget on the shortest month of the year, but in this month we had several special occasions, including but not limited to attendance at several social potluck events, Valentine’s Day baking for Andrew’s class, and hosting my parents for an incredible weekend visit. Our trade-off for a bloated grocery bill was plenty of good memories and fun occasions, and I’d rather have that than more money any day. (Well…)

start a She Reads Truth Bible study Although not a SRT study, I started a 40-day Scripture study through the YouVersion app on my phone and I’m loving the daily exposure to the Word. It’s already been a very grounding, humbling start to Lent.

take the time to take better photos for the blog and Project Life. Kind of. At least I thought about this more, even if I didn’t always execute. Surprisingly, it’s getting more natural to take intentional photos for this space, but it’s not as easy to remember to record daily life for Project Life. I’m going to keep working on this one.


5 thoughts on “goals for march

  1. More greens HOLLA! That’s my kind of goal!

    I’ve yet to try CrossFit… I’m not “mentally” ready to try out a class, but I’ll admit I’m getting curious. I definitely look forward to hearing what your first class is like.

  2. operation revamp guest post :: the closet, part VII | little dutch wife

  3. asian chicken meatballs | little dutch wife

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