around here

SONY DSC1) breaking in my new running shoes, an on-sale find from The Clymb.

SONY DSC2) taking comfort in the ritual of steeping this gorgeous herbal tea, a gift from my dad.

SONY DSC3) waiting not-so-patiently for this pear to ripen, to make this salad.

SONY DSC4) wearing this scarf constantly, always with layers, not always with a startled expression.

SONY DSC5) making blueberry-pecan waffles, because someone loves waffles and I love that someone.

*     *     *     *     *

What a week. It seems like it began just as it ended. I got to scatter some kind deeds into my typical weekly routine and it made everything a little brighter. I worked on cooking from the freezer as we moved toward the end of the month and I finally started the Red Velvet blog design e-course that I resolved to do this year. I had a stellar thrifting session, and I got to have tea with a new friend and go to a yoga class with another. Where we are, we had crazy weather – cold, windy, snowy, drizzly one day, and a sunny 80 degrees the next. I’m hoping for the latter this weekend, and I’m hoping your weekend is nice where you are too.


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