a recent trip to the thrift store


One of the very best thrift stores I’ve ever been to is in my town. Called “The Largest Thrift Store in Texas” is is pretty huge – 60,000 square feet – and houses everything from large furniture to the tiniest of knick-knacks. I’ve been known to spend hours in there, rifling through shelves and stacks of stuff and sometimes leaving with a few treasures.


For a while, I was going to the thrift store at least once a week. It satisfied my desire to collect and decorate and nest after our move without me spending a ton of cash, but it got to be too frequent. And, I got busier — something I’m thankful for. But there was something about this week that got me thinking about thrifting again, and so one afternoon before yoga class I grabbed a tote and some cash and headed out.


Boy am I sure glad I did.

I came away with a boatload of stuff, and it was actually stuff I needed. Every thrifter will understand this high, when something you want and need mixes with coincidence and fate and a low price.


I picked up several beautiful pottery pieces that I’ll use in the kitchen and for styling/photography, but most will be used to house transplanted succulents, baby herbs, and these beeswax candles I just ordered. ($1-$3 each)

I found a pair of wood and canvas fold-up stools that will solve our “where do we sit” problems when camping or picnic-ing. ($4 each)

I snagged a huge tin toolbox that is perfect for storing all of our errant tools, tapes, glues, nails, screws, string bits and scissors. ($3)


But the best find of the day was a pair of L.L. Bean Boots, and in just my size. With just enough wear to make them soft, these boots have lots of life left in them, and I only gave $10 for them. Rest assured that a new pair retails for much more. 


It will be a while before I head back again. I’ve cut my thrifting shopping list (and the coinciding budget) in half already, plus I fear that if I have another haul of this volume I’ll run out of room in our tiny house. It is such a satisfying thing, though, to want something, search for it, practice patience, and finally find it. I’m not just talking about Bean Boots here – this counts as a lesson learned across the board.

Like the future. The future is something worth planning for, hopping for, dreaming about and…waiting for. My wish and prayer is that, at this time, as a military wife and as a person in general, that I can cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and contentment in the here and now. Things aren’t always perfect in the present, but it is the current situation, one that I can choose to make into a good experience or a bad one. Today, this week, this month, this year – I’m choosing to be aware of and grateful for the current moment.

Are you waiting on anything? Are you looking for something? Whether in real life or in thrift store terms, I’d love to hear about how you balance the two.


9 thoughts on “a recent trip to the thrift store

  1. I love everything about this– great prices, perfect finds, and a grand epiphany about life!! Awareness and appreciation of ‘the now’ is also high on my list of priorities; this post resonates with me on so many levels ❤

    A quote a friend shared with me literally just moments ago that I took to be about appreciation, living in the 'here and now', about simplicity and being content:
    "You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need." –Vernon Howard

  2. You snagged some stellar finds! But even more than all that precious pottery, I appreciate your notes about practicing patience. I think in life right now I am waiting for the busyness to quell… looking forward to a quieter simplicity and yet, learning to cope with and embrace this present season.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love finding little treasures at thrift stores, especially ones I can use in my kitchen. I feel the same way about commercial kitchen supply stores. There is no better feeling than knowing you got a good deal! Love this post 😉

  4. Excellent finds. Especially the boots and the pottery pieces. I use a couple of such pieces I found at Goodwill to hold my spoons and whisks in the kitchen.

  5. I want to visit your thrift store! I’m still searching for a good one here; we have several antique stores, but many are higher end and don’t result in the good deals. My husband and I just had a long talk last night about being in the present moment and being engaged with the people and gifts we have now. I love reading your words; so inspiring and somehow on track with mine often. Waiting on anything? A baby. Trying to find the patience for that perfect timing. What are you waiting for?

  6. 5 Good Reasons to Go to Thrift Stores for ClothesShe's Brilliant!

  7. around here | little dutch wife

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