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03aa25f8707611e285a622000a1f9e5b_7This is my favorite mug, given to me by a childhood friend a couple of years ago for Christmas. It’s wide and deep, big enough to wrap two hands around and clutch to my chest as a personal heater when I feel like snuggling or it’s particularly cold. I drink my coffee out of it in the mornings, and my tea our of it at night. It is a part of my drinking routine that hasn’t changed for a long time.

One part of my drinking routine that has changed has to do with my morning coffee. I first stumbled upon the concept of “bulletproof coffee” through some paleo practitioners on Instagram, and then again on a health-conscious blog or two. What a strange idea! Coffee, mixed with coconut oil and — stranger still — grassfed butter?

I tried it. I loved it. That’s all she wrote.

The key is to blend the fats with the coffee using some sort of high-powered mixer, whether that means using your blender or an electric milk frother. The end result is similar to a latte — the distinct coffee flavor remains but has with it a creamy texture and a foamy head. Delicious. I’ve taken to sprinkling a bit of ground tumeric and cinnamon atop mine for the added benefits of both spices. This is my favorite pre-workout morning starter, as I get a caffeine boost but also plenty of healthy fat to keep me satiated until after I’m done pumping all of that iron. Try it for yourself!

Bulletproof Coffee

1 large cup of strong brewed coffee, hot

1 pat of grassfed butter (1/2 Tbsp. – 1 Tbsp.)

1 small Tbsp. coconut oil

small scoop of coconut cream, if desired (this makes it extra creamy)

sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, tumeric…

Blend briefly and with vigor, using an electric device or your own manpower. Enjoy while hot.


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