goals for february

february goals

consistently follow a regular strength training schedule (using The New Rules of Lifting for Women)

make and send Valentine’s Day cards

stick to our grocery budget

start a She Reads Truth Bible study

take the time to take better photos for the blog and Project Life.

(i.e., plan ahead, take my time, be patient and rely less on iPhone photos)

*     *     *     *     *

// january recap //

make it through the Whole30 challenge with flying colors Made it 18 glorious days. Read more about my experience here.

finish our office space Check it out here.

be more mindful of unplugging in the evenings Drinking tea and reading together at the beginning of the month became my preferred evening activities of choice, and my quality of sleep improved because of it. However, thanks to a huge schedule shift, I’m working on unplugging during the day now, and getting in my emails/blog posts/Pinterest fix in the evenings by candlelight. So much for good habits…

finish The Border Triology by Cormac McCarthy — I just have Cities of the Plain left! Finished! It was all so beautiful and sad.

do more yoga I started going to a local studio twice per week and I’m really loving the community and my increased flexibility.


2 thoughts on “goals for february

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