around here

0e60fb846c0211e2b62322000a9f12da_71. breaking in my new shoes, thanks to Calvin Klein and Zappos.

SONY DSC2. cuddling the neighbor’s cat whenever we get the chance.

d6329e9e6c1911e28e5d22000a1f979a_73. getting used to cozy lighting and quiet evenings in my “new” office.

7bc976026c0b11e2af6f22000a1f9a09_74. sipping on a glass of this in the evenings with dinner.

16aa05146aa011e2a45222000a9e06f4_75. trying to get settled on a new schedule and squeeze some sleep in there meanwhile.

*     *     *     *     *

This weekend we have plans to go to a potluck Superbowl party hosted by some of Andrew’s classmates, and if the weather stays pretty we’ll go on a drive and maybe even a hike around the lake. And, if I’m feeling strong, I might even enter a last-minute 5k! Although this is my first full week to complete strength training (based on The New Rules of Lifting for Women — see sidebar for details) and I admit I’m pretty sore from all of those compound movements pumping iron.

I might go have brunch instead.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it’s bright and relaxing.


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