operation revamp :: the closet, part III


Alternate title: Avoiding the Sale for the Sake of the Sale

Stores are tricky. With their sales and advertised “incredible savings” we are lured into buying the things we really don’t need. Just because something is one sale doesn’t mean that I need it. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean that I should buy it. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean that it is superior to the item I’m really looking for.

Say it with me: HOLD OFF.

That is, of course, unless the sale coincides with that item you’re actually looking for, in which case you should snatch that baby up. For example, I found a great black dress that would fit a wide array of occasions and could be dressed up or down, plus the fabric would make it super easy to travel with. It was originally $180, and I dutifully put it back on the rack after trying it on and finding my size. A week or so later I checked the store’s website and found the same dress, in my size, for $40! Needless to say, I am very pleased with myself.

Another happy sale find: Zara was having a great online sale on outerwear and I scored a studded moto jacket (non-leather) for pennies on the original price. Now I’ll have a bit more cash to go along with the tough-girl attitude I most certainly will put on when I wear this jacket. Watch out, world.

A short, but a powerful lesson today. Save your money for quality. Save for what you really want.

You’re worth it. (And so is that investment piece.)


3 thoughts on “operation revamp :: the closet, part III

  1. Oo! That is the best. Even though we should ALL AVOID SALES JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SALES. Yes. My mother raised me to be thrifty, and I have a hard time buying anything (at least clothing-wise) full-price… but I have fallen prey to the “buy it because it is such a good price” problem. Of course, then you are still spending money… and sometimes ending up with things you don’t really need.

    I have the biggest problem with this at thrift stores. I sometimes find really great things at flea markets/Goodwill/etc., but then sometimes I find things that are pretty good but not perfect and I buy them anyway because they are $4 or whatever. But no more!

    (My sale-seeking heart, however, still gets a thrill when I think about the brand new, wool winter skirt I found for $.49 instead of $35 on a clearance rack at a store once. Heh.)

    • That is like a one million percent discount!! I bow to your powers of thrift. But I also understand the unwillingness to pay full price for something. It’s almost a disease. Strangely enough, now that I have my “own” income (which I had before but now somehow it feels more grown-up) I’m becoming more okay with paying full price. BUT THRIFT STORES! Oh my. It’s a struggle.

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