around here

books II

1) poring through new books, a few at a time.

pb cup II

2) making these pb cups, but with a few riffs on the original.

mama and me

3) celebrating my sweet mama’s birthday from afar.

sea salt II

4) garnishing with gourmet sea salts, each with a unique flavor.


5) nurturing this little guy: a seven-year-old bonsai, a gift from Andrew.

*     *     *     *     *


I’m finding that podcasts — like these and these — serve as both great distractors and educators during free time on a long walk or a run. I’ve gotten a little addicted and I’ll listen to one every day if I can (which is good because it means I’m getting out for a walk every day).

Still obsessed with the “perfect” wardrobe, and this list of classics from Garance Dore is no exception.

Exploring this site.

And this one. (What wit! What style! I want to be India Hicks.)

Thinking about attending this Paleo event in Austin in March. Anyone else going?

Have a great weekend xo


2 thoughts on “around here

  1. Aren’t you and your mother beautiful?! What great photos.

    So glad you’re making those pb cups, I make them ALL the time and always have some on hand – my husband and oldest daughter (and me too!) love them. They’re fun to play around with and try different variations.

    I bought Bubbies pickles today at our local co-op in your honor! And radishes found their way into my cart during yesterday’s trip to the grocery store too. 🙂 Looking forward to adding them to a salad later, I’m not usually a radish eater!

    Happy weekend girly!

    • Alison, thank you! My mother is beautiful and wonderful and just the best.

      I first heard about the pb cups from you, and then checked out Lisa’s blog to see her variations. I made these with almond butter, and sweetened the chocolate layer with a little maple syrup, and they were indeed delicious! (Also: they were gone within a day. Oops.)

      Enjoy your crunchy snacks and let me know what yummy things you come up with! And do have a nice weekend in the snow (do you still have snow?) and I’ll do the same in the desert heat! xo

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