around here


1. getting back into the green smoothie habit.


2. marveling at the size of this calendar – it is hilariously big and I love it.

yoga II

3. enjoying free sessions at a local yoga studio all this week.


4. embracing sunshine and this incredible Texas sunset after two consecutive days of rain.

new books

5. looking forward to starting on my new stack of books – a Christmas gift from my uncle.

*     *     *     *     *

This weekend I’m hopefully going to get in a couple of long walks to stretch out my tired muscles. Yoga kicked my butt this week and it was great. We’ll probably try another brunch spot in keeping with last weekend’s outing, and then relax. What plans do you have for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “around here

  1. HOLLA Deep Nutrition! I hope you share your thoughts on it, I’m still reeling.

    Green smoothies, big calendars, free yoga, beautiful sunsets… does it get much better than that? I think not!

    • I can’t wait to read it!! This book has been on my radar for a long time, but your post (and an Amazon gift card for Christmas, to be perfectly honest) encouraged me to find it pronto. Looking forward to comparing notes, and thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Nothing beats a Texas sunset in my book! Obviously no bias whatsoever 😉 I am going to give yoga another shot. I hear so many good things but had such a bad experience with it. Do you have any recommendations? (My first few times I just couldn’t get into it. It seemed too monotonous and slooooow!)

    • Try out as many free classes as you can until you find a studio that fits your pace and your attitude — most places offer your first class free if you’re a new visitor. Some places are a little too “zen” for my taste, but often the problem is that we’re too wound up and stressed to let go enough to actually enjoy the experience 🙂 You might even look for some free podcasts and start practicing at home at your own pace if you’d prefer!

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