goals for january

january goals

make it through the Whole30 challenge with flying colors

finish our office space

be more mindful of unplugging in the evenings

finish The Border Triology by Cormac McCarthy — I just have Cities of the Plain left!

do more yoga

*     *     *     *     *

I’m going back to the monthly goals format I started a year or two ago, thanks to the inspiration of a friend who already has her monthly goals up and running. Most of these are from my yearly goals list, things I need and want to do right now. Unplugging in the evenings has been crucial to preserving my quality of sleep and giving me a little extra time to spend with my husband. My body has been craving yoga and stretching lately, and although I’m mentally out of the habit I want to make myself do this. I always feel so much better afterward. What are some of your goals for this month?


3 thoughts on “goals for january

  1. these goals are so great. i wish i liked yoga! luke could be a yoga master, but i am too high-strung. for now i will just admire both of you from my sad, unbalanced corner ;)!

  2. operation revamp :: the office | little dutch wife

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