Below is a list of goals I composed for the new year. A group of resolutions of sorts, I’m looking at this goals as more of a to-do list, with the flexibility to achieve all (or most) by the end of the year. My resolution-making tactic this year was to set down concrete, actionable ideas for how I wanted to spend 2013. Additionally, I always hope for general things like more travel, more kindness, more laughter, more self-love, more grace, more learning and growing. And sometimes, more is not always the answer — simplicity is. Yet, with that in mind, my list grew to encompass thirteen goals and I love it for what it is. Follow along with me this year as I try to experience and accomplish all this and more.

// 2013 //

1) Get rid of useless things in my house and in my life, be they clothes, products, papers, habits or decor. // Action steps include reorganizing, buying less and paring down my possessions.

2) Create a shared office space that is both beautiful and functional. // Action steps include finding a dual desk, a desk chair for me, and adding storage, inspiration and warmth to the space. See results here.

3) Develop and maintain a household budget, complete with long- and short-term savings plans and cash systems. Done. It’s always an effort to make our monthly budget, but we try harder each month. Additionally, we’ve got a stellar savings plan in place plus we’ve taken the plunge into the world of investments.

4) Take the Red Velvet blog design e-course from Elsie and Elise. A great course that I’d recommend for anyone looking to revamp their blog and get a brief but comprehensive introduction into design and coding.

5) Get my Texas concealed carry license. // Action steps include researching local instructors, blocking off a weekend and signing up for a session.

6) Write something and submit it for publication somewhere new. The Equals Record, Paleo Magazine, SpouseBuzz

7) Strive for optimal health and wellness in the next year through fitness and paleo/primal eating. // Action steps including completing the Whole30 challenge, committing to circuit workouts twice per week, and seeking out a local yoga studio.

8) Get my wardrobe under control. // Pants? Shoes? WTF? Action steps include gradually phasing out ill-fitting pieces and replenishing my wardrobe with quality, classic basics, all the while finding comfort in my own unique style. Completed, more or less.

9) Read more books. Read fewer blogs. // Action steps include working through my current reading pile and then starting on this Gilmore Girls-inspired book challenge.

10) Refinish the [growing] stack of secondhand furniture in the garage. // Action steps include buying sandpaper, paint and finish stripping supplies, Danish oil and/or paint.

11) Get serious about my business. // Action steps include achieving goal #1, setting up regular “business hours,” developing a few critical spreadsheets and working on a separate financial plan. I got serious about my business by deciding that my original path was not quite right for who I was. I worked hard, I’ve continued to drum up freelance projects, but soon I’ll be taking things in a new direction. Planning for that will be a job in itself, but a challenge I’m eager to accept.

12) Research more about degrees and health career options in nutrition. // Action steps include downloading and reading the free book from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Researched finished and plan in place to enroll in a nutrition sciences bachelor’s program and become a Registered Dietician.

13)  Train for and run a local trail race — be it a 5k or a half marathon. // Action steps include committing to a running plan, going for riverside runs, trying to increase my endurance through two or three runs a week, letting my run-happy hubby coach me and maybe purchasing these slick new shoes. I ran the Race to Remember 5K on 9.14.13.


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