gift guide :: for the gentleman

for the gentleman

slippers, fountain pen, moleskine journals, gin, poster, tonic water, vintage cocktail tumblers, vintage globe

*     *     *     *     *

Oh what fun it is to buy for the guys in our lives. Be they husbands, boyfriends, brothers, daddies or grandpas, they usually have some sort of unique hobby that makes picking out a gift a joy and not a chore. For instance, Andrew loves chess, Chinese language studies, maps, a good cocktail and fine pipe tobacco. My daddy is a fan of history, single malt scotch with cigars, gardening and natural remedy techniques, and target practice. My grandfathers had interests spanning bass fishing to tomato cultivation to leatherwork to a love of homemade candies. What a wide range of gift ideas to choose from!

This gift guide is specifically tailored for the gentleman, with refined tastes in liquor and study. I included a Hobbit-themed Moleskin journal to appeal to the sci-fi type, but that even appeals to me (I am SO excited for the film to come out!). With a few vintage touches and a nod to dapper style, these are just the things to add a touch of chivalry to your guys’ lives.


2 thoughts on “gift guide :: for the gentleman

    • He will be so happy with his jars! That little fermenter…
      My mom has found some really great vintage garden tools, as I’m sure you have too. It seems like the old stuff is higher quality and will last longer, plus it’s way cooler!

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