gift guide :: for the gourmet

for the gourmet

recipe box,  sea salt, tea towel, chocolate, apron, cookbook, wooden spoons, recipe cards

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I am happiest and most creative when I am in my kitchen, alone, without any music save the bubbling of pots on the stove. I stir and taste and season and sprinkle to my heart’s content, playing with flavors and ratios until I’ve come up with something scrumptious. I don’t know if this makes me a gourmet or not, but I certainly fall into the category of someone who would enjoy receiving everything on this list! And, in fact, I’ve already been gifted those lovely recipe cards, which I have used to in turn pass on a gift of delicious inspiration to others. For someone with a love of food and all the sundry gadgets that go along with cooking, this roundup will provide just the inspiration — and these make lovely hostess gifts, as well.


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