a handcrafted christmas

Here are some of the decorations I’ve been making for our first little Christmas at home together. Anything that wasn’t purchased in raw material form from a craft store was thrifted and then repurposed. For example, my “O Holy Night” canvas was first painted with a strange wine bottle still life, over which I promptly sprayed a few layers of gold paint. A little gold paint fixes everything, in my opinion.


a simple wooden bead + string garland for our tree


felt mistletoe for extra kissing valu


revamped creche


my wreath for all seasons, with wintertime swag


my “mantle” complete with a very subtle JOYEAUX NOEL garland


repurposed canvas with one of my favorite Christmas hymns


the little lord Jesus


and this little garland, just for fun

*     *     *     *     *

How are you decorating for Christmas around your house this year? Are you making or buying or both?

Let me know, I’m always curious!


7 thoughts on “a handcrafted christmas

  1. “My wreath for all seasons, with wintertime swag” …hahahahahaha! Love it. I’m jealous of your craftiness, Mrs. Van Genderen.

  2. I love your decorations, especially the mistletoe and wreath. What a beautiful home you have. I won’t be buying or making any additional decorations this year but since I’ve been using the same ones for almost 8 years, I’m ready for a change. You’ve given me some inspiration! Thanks.

    • The “old” stuff is usually the best anyway! Since my husband and I are starting from scratch this Christmas, I decided to make a lot instead of buy, and we’re going to gradually build up our ornament collection until it’s as good as one like yours. Merry Christmas!

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