road trip snacks

If there’s one thing about a road trip that gets me pumped — besides the traveling, sights, and the actual road trip — it’s the snacks. When a travel opportunity arrives, I have an excuse to pull out all of the stops on making my favorite snacks to fuel us through long days of driving and, hopefully, even longer days of hiking when we get to Banff. Couple this with my desire to save money and eat healthfully along the way, and you’ve got one happy snacker.

The last time we were on the road, we didn’t snack much but found ourselves munchy at one of our obligatory gas station stops. I combed the aisles, looking for something satisfyingly crunchy without too much sodium/sugar, and sadly came up with nothing but a very expensive package of nuts. Still with salt, oil, and sugar. Egads! I munched in the car but was wishing for some creamy, raw cashews or some sort of wholesome snack bar…I learned my lesson, and this time I’m coming prepared.

Topping the list on my favorite snacks are fresh fruits and veggies, in the most portable form possible. Apples are obvious, but sliced carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, and flats of cherry tomatoes and berries make for easy snacking in the driver’s or passenger’s seat. I have some tiny Pyrex containers that will be perfect for this purpose, but if you want to get really fancy you can find small canning jars and layer them with a dollop of hummus and some of your pre-cut veggies for a portable snack plate. Like this.

My homemade, raw trail mix is a must for traveling. The nuts are a great source of protein to boost an afternoon energy slump, and a handful for breakfast can always tide me over until more substantial fare is found. And, of course, this is perfect for the trails and paths and wooded avenues of the Banff mountains, lakes, glaciers…now I’m dreaming. Sarah Wilson’s coco-nutty granola from her IQS cookbook is another crunchy favorite. Whether gulped by the handful or sprinkled on top of yogurt, it’s one of those naturally sweet and toasty treats that nourishes and satisfies.

Our homemade Bumble Bars aren’t the prettiest, but they are absolute powerhouses of energy! So dense, so filling, so delicious. Made with raw peanut and sunflower butters, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, honey, cashews and coconut, our local co-op graciously shared their recipe with Andrew so we could make our own for this trip. Their recipe makes something like 6 lbs. of bars so we had to play with the proportions, but once the recipe is nailed down I’ll be sure to share it.

Some other great snack ideas include:

Sprouted Kitchen’s almond date truffles, recommended by the sweet Sara herself

The Edible Perspective’s chai spice almond butter, with carrot sticks and apple slices

In The Little Red House’s “good cookies” — i.e., homemade granola bar-cookies

& Nom Nom Paleo’s prosciutto-wrapped mini frittata-muffins and bacon and guacamole sammies.

*     *     *     *     *

What are your favorite snacks to take on a trip? Let me know, I’m always curious!


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