wish list :: oh canada

The secret’s out — we’re going on a roadtrip in October, and our destination is Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada! I foresee scenic hikes, snow flurries, local brews, crystalline blue lakes, hot tea galore, and a few moose sightings in our future. Canada will merely be a midway point on a long route across the western U.S., but we are planning on spending a week soaking up Lake Louise and the gentle silence of the pine forests. Below are a few of my trip essentials, along with a couple of wish list items.

1. Smartwool socks are my favorite in the world of wool socks, and plenty of these will keep our feet warm when we’re camping, trekking, or just snuggling in from of a fire.

2. Some quality maple syrup is coming home with us, and maple cookies will be had.

3. A quilted J.Crew vest, very similar to one I already have, to keep my core toasty.

4. Canadian beer. ‘Nuff said.

5. & 6. Classic outdoorsy fiction from my childhood to help pass the chilly twilight hours.

7. Fuji Rangefinder — on my wish list. I certainly don’t need it but it sure looks like a swell camera.

8. MOOSE. Let’s hope we don’t run into too many of these guys along the way.

9. An Eddie Bauer flannel shirt is a must-have for any mountain adventure. We will be in lumberjack country, after all.


2 thoughts on “wish list :: oh canada

  1. Haha- “And I thought you were so rugged?!”
    Sounds like an incredible adventure (& any excuse to wear plaid!!) How long of a trip will this be?

  2. around here | little dutch wife

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