wish list :: autumn arrives

This is my absolute favorite season, and it’s slow arrival is all the more thrilling. Each morning is a new surprise, with cool breezes, overcast skies, or the flit of leaves against the clouds as they fall from the trees. In honor of this most lovely of seasons, my wish list is unusually large, but I guess that’s just an indication of how much my imagination has been churning. Fall will mark some pretty big changes for us around here, so it all goes hand-in-hand: style, home decor, yummy things to eat, and beautiful objects to remind me of my Arkansas home.

1. Arkansas cutting board from AHeirloom on Etsy. 2. Organic pearl band from Satomi Kawakita. 3. Cedar blocks from the farmers market to perfume our drawers and closets like a forest. 4. Flannel shirtdress from hornytoad outdoor outfitters. 5. & 6. Flannel sheets from L.L. Bean. 7. Sony 50mm f/1.4 lens. 8. Pumpkin muffins! 9. “Moooving in” photo print from Robert R. Norman on Etsy. 10. Loose-leaf chai rooibos tea 11. Vintage stoneware mugs, thrifted from the Salvation Army. 12. Man Can campfire-scented candle.

With some chai-rooibos tea steeping in these adorable cups, a pan of pumpkin muffins in the oven, the scent of cedar wafting up from my sock drawer, and the flicker of a campfire candle, it would be easy to get lost in autumnal musings at home, no matter where home may be. All of this, coupled with a snuggle in some cozy flannel sheets, and I’m ready to hunker down for winter. It all feels like what Canada must look like, don’t you think?

I love the cheeky photograph of the cattle peeking out from the dilapidated barn — it reminds me of some pastures and old buildings from home, and it certainly helps that it’s from a local fine art photographer. The handmade cutting board is a sweet nod to good old Arkansas, and would be a nostalgic conversation starter should I ever host a dinner party out-of-state.

The flannel dress and organic pearl ring seem just rustic enough for fall, and the new lens is on my wish list for some upcoming travels — stay tuned for more about this to come!

* * * * *

What are you wishing for this fall? Material goods or a just a view of turning leaves on a hillside? A new cozy blanket or a batch of spiced apple cider? Let me know, I’m always curious!


One thought on “wish list :: autumn arrives

  1. hi, beautiful lady! i love a good bon fire on nights like these. or cinnamon soy candles & a trip to the pumpkin patch! a few extra bucks for gas to drive into the leaves of autumn throughout the ozarks would be nice, too. now you’ve got me dreamin’… happy thursday! 🙂

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