so proud

I pinned this outfit from Polyvore months ago in anticipation of fall, and yesterday I wore it. Rolled skinny jeans, a slouchy tomato red sweater that I thrifted, my leopard flats, plus a grey v-neck tee and my vintage locket. I spend most of my days in grubby kitchen-wear, so even the simplest of outfits is something for me to rejoice about…and to blog about. I’m so proud to have finally pulled it off. #damnitfeelsgoodtobestylish

*     *     *     *     *

I love dressing for fall weather because it means layers and cozy things. I relish every opportunity to throw on a cardigan, a scarf, some tights and boots, or a slouchy knit cap. Fall also means more of a classic style for me — dark jeans with brown equestrian-inspired boots along with a crisp white turtleneck is an outfit, albeit a simple one, that I can wear day in and day out. Fall is a chance to be creative with what I already have, meaning I can mix wispy summer chiffon with chunky knit socks and a canvas jacket and enjoy all of the contrasting textures.

My favorite fall pieces include: corduroy pants, leather lace-up booties, chambray and flannel shirts, wool socks, and the perfect grey sweatshirt.

What are your favorite fall essentials?

*     *     *     *     *

Some other great fall outfits from Polyvore and Pinterest:


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