pour jons

I had an unexpected afternoon off and, in honor of the beautiful weather, we decided to capitalize on both the free time and sunshine and take a little trip across the county to a new-ish coffee shop. Pour Jons, located in downtown Siloam Springs, manages to combine all things hipster, rustic, and quirky with sound coffee knowledge and a serious pursuit of quality brews. We asked plenty of questions and plied the baristas for details about the tools and the beans — from Rwandan to Costa Rican, from Chemex pour-overs to complex cold-brew systems — before splurging on a slew of cool treats.

Andrew got a French Press of Rwandan coffee, and declared it “fruity and floral” in a nuanced, interesting way. He also relished a homemade banana-walnut waffle with butter and syrup…for an afternoon snack, no less! I chose to drink my Costa Rican coffee siphoned, and the sweet barista brought the whole apparatus to our table to demonstrate how the crazy thing worked. She said she’s hoping they’ll attract a chemist or some sort of physicist who can explain the science of what happens with the coffee siphon. My coffee was boiling hot, but had a super clean, crisp flavor devoid of much of the acid and oil that conventional brewing practices have. I also enjoyed an apple turnover from a local Hispanic panaderia.

The atmosphere — with industrial lighting, reclaimed wood, graffiti, local art, a wall of loose-leaf tea, with early fall light glimmering off the glass door — was perfect for a “working date,” as I called our excursion. We shamelessly scalped the wi-fi, but enjoyed our time there together as if it were a planned date, savoring the coffee, the snippets of conversation, the perfectly curated indie playlist. Pour Jons was worth the drive and will probably make the list of our top cafes.

*     *     *     *     *

223 N. Wright Street, Siloam Springs, Arkansas


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