wish list :: summer essentials

Sometimes I catch a slip of a breeze that has a cool edge. Sometimes I catch a whiff of wood fire and damp leaves in the air, or smell the undergrowth of the forest and think it’s fall. Sometimes I need a cardigan in the evenings, or an extra blanket at night. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but it feels as if summer is on the downswing.

Part of me is thrilled that autumn — with the chill and apples and sweaters and boots — is just around the corner, but a big part of me is mourning the loss of sticky-sweet summertime. This has been a particularly wonderful summer, albeit a ridiculously hot one, and I’m sad to see it go. In honor of summer’s demise, I’ve put together a list of my summer essentials that have made life nicer the past few months.

(Although I don’t predict that we’ll be enjoying crunchy leaves and pumpkins anytime soon: summer always seems to wear out it’s welcome long after we’re finished with it.)

But now, while we remember her with fondness and premature nostalgia, let us eat as many ice cream cones as possible, and wear out our sundresses and sandals. The sunshine still beckons!

American Eagle shorts; Moroccan Oil; Josie Maran SPF 40; Bing cherries and farmers market peaches; a thrifted flannel picnic blanket; Ray-Ban Wayfarers; ColdStone Creamery cake batter ice cream + sugar cone; linen scarf; Franco Sarto leather “Gia” sandals; Skosh gold heart necklace; lifefactory glass water bottle.

*     *     *     *     * 

These shorts and sandals have become my ultimate summer uniform. The shorts are long enough to be appropriate, but cool and stretchy to be comfortable. The “Gia” sandals go with everything and are just plain easy. Add a tank, a breezy scarf, a delicate necklace and some Ray-Bans, and I am set for any summer adventure.

My glass lifefactory water bottle goes with me everywhere, keeping me hydrated with everything from kombucha, to lemon water, to SportTea. Everyone asks if I’m afraid to break it, but I’ve dropped it once or twice with no harm done.

I found a great cotton flannel blanket at Goodwill that has been our picnic blanket for the summer, and it works so well because it’s lightweight and soft and easy to roll up in a tote bag or backpack. On this blanket, we’ve had a few picnic meals, although I’ve been lucky to eat anything but fresh Bing cherries, soft peaches from the farmers market, and ice cream cones this summer. Seasonal berries and stone fruits are my favorite treats, and ice cream is probably my biggest weakness. There’s just something so quintessentially summer about an ice cream cone, preferably with sprinkles.

With the extreme heat and humidity, I’ve been protecting my skin and hair with Moroccan Oil and Josie Maran’s SPF 40 Argan Oil moisturizers. Both products are simply nourishing and deliciously scented with plenty of good oils and fats.

Overall, this summer hasn’t been my most stylish, but it has been one of the simplest and most lovely. Cheers to you, summer, and all of the good things that you bring with you.


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