on the walls

Now that we’ve been living in this apartment for roughly three months, I’ve finally decided to hang art and some photos on our walls. You know, all of that “looking-at-the-light” and contemplating angles and arrangements nonsense has made this a very long and drawn-out process.


I really haven’t had much significant downtime to drag out the tools and the measuring tape to put the final touches on our living room. This summer, we’ve been getting used to brand-new jobs and traveling a ton, and so it feels like I’m hardly at home when I’m not at work or on the road.  But even without picture frames on the walls, life is good. But last weekend I finally got my home improvement momentum moving and hung these photos and art in a burst of energy.

Now our apartment seems a bit more finished with a gallery collection of film photographs from my friend Natalie hanging above our couch, even if the frames are a bit crooked. That’s my fault, but I like the imperfection of my first major hanging job that I think I’ll keep it. The effect, however, was an encouragement to buy a level — future wall hangings will certainly be straighter from here on out.

Across the room, an old family photograph of a barn pops against our white walls, while my best flea market find yet balances the scale and length of the sideboard below. I strung some wire across the back of the old letterpress drawer — scored for $18, no less! — to create a sturdy hanging apparatus. Now it houses a few trinkets from my Grandma Rosie’s house, a tiny horse figurine of my mother’s from when she was a little girl, and a few pieces of coral from our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, I have plans to print out some of our favorite shots from the honeymoon and wedding for a bedroom collage, and our framed vintage maps are still living in a box, but these designs and more may have to wait until our next move. That is one of the exciting things about being in the military — the frequent moves mean new towns, new friends, and new opportunities to decorate.


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