around here

1. french press coffee and a pretty new pedicure.

2. tons of to-do lists, scattered all over my desk, the kitchen table, my purse…

3. this beer, sipped for the first time last weekend — now, my favorite summer brew.

4. a new dress that makes me feel like a put-together Italian peasant girl.

5. working on {finally} covering up our empty walls.

In other news, we’re heading out for a mini family vacation this weekend. There will be swimming and sunning and grilling and game-playing, for certain. Plus, I’ve finally nailed the perfect smoothie recipe. It is as follows: spinach + banana + cinnamon + almond butter + coconut water. The coconut water really is key here, and it’s so good for electrolyte levels. Plus, it’s coconut. I need no further convincing…

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “around here

  1. Erin, that peach beer is the BOMB! I have to pick up some today to take to my co-worker/friend who lives/works out of Bloomington. We are all meeting in Chicago for meetings next week and I don’t think she can get it in her area. Enjoy, enjoy and much love to the newlyweds!

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