cookin’ up a storm

This weekend we finally got some rain. Our poor trees and grass have been aching for moisture for nearly a month now, and little fires have been popping up all over the tri-county area. Thankfully, we received a short but furious downpour on Saturday and expect more this week.

Although the weekend wasn’t nearly as restful as I’d hoped, there were two wonderful lazy mornings with coffee and long breakfasts, one trip to the farmers market for some local meat and veggies, and some personal-work time. I wrote this post about being a freelancer and am mulling over my future as a writer and a blogger.

To prepare for another full week ahead, I spent some time on Sunday doing some meal-prep in the kitchen. For breakfast, I made a few of those egg-and-ham cups that have been floating around Pinterest for months now, along with some sugar-free coco-nutty granola from Sarah Wilson‘s I Quit Sugar Cookbook. I bought my very own copy last week and have been trying out recipes ever since. Suffice it to say, after trying her program and reading the research, I also agree that sugar is a poisonous toxin and that severing the ties between myself and sweets is the key to longevity and health. I just can’t quit making these cookies. But perhaps it demands another try? Who would be interested in following my journey to go sugar-free?

With my new kitchen toy from my sweet mama, I started a fresh batch of beef bone broth, with plenty of herbs and garlic and veggie scraps for good measure. Later this week I’ll turn it into a vegetable- and nutrient-rich soup. I also made another batch of my favorite kale salad to eat throughout the week. I think it would be delightful with the coconut granola for breakfast.

I’ve tried to maintain a weekly meal plan for us, to make sure we have the groceries we need and that Andrew has leftovers and lunch fixin’s when I’m at work eating making crepes. So far it’s worked only moderately well — I change my mind, we get busy/tired or go somewhere for dinners, and some things just never make it into our meal circuit. It helps if I keep the guidelines freeform, and only plan our dinners together concretely. Do you use a meal planning method or are you more of a spontaneous cook? What methods work best for you?

Here’s a look at our loose plan for the week:

Monday night: chorizo pasta with summer vegetables and wilted spinach

Tuesday night: leftover pork sausage-stuffed baked summer squash, side salad

Wednesday: bone broth soup with mushrooms and potatoes (lunch) & lamb brats with sauerkraut and steamed broccoli (dinner)

Thursday: BBQ beer beef brisket in the crock pot with sautéed squash and fresh tomatoes

Friday: up to chance! Leftovers, maybe? Or perhaps dinner out — Thai food? Homemade pizza night?


2 thoughts on “cookin’ up a storm

  1. I, for one, would be very interested in following your journey to sugar-freedom! My Creative Strategy professor gave up sugar and lost 40 lbs – without working out more, and without giving up the likes of pizza and bacon.

    Also, you should consider writing a second (third?) blog, called something to the effect of “What Erin Had for Dinner.” I’m fairly certain it would be among the best blogs ever.

    • Ha! You are sweet — although I’ve been using Instagram a lot lately for that purpose. I think all of my followers hate me for posting food EVERY DAY. I’ve been thinking about your professor’s experience all day, and I really think that a sugar-free experiment could be worthwhile. Thanks for reading! xo

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