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Around here it feels like I’m barely able to catch up. I spent Friday through Tuesday working long shifts at the creperie every day, and at the end of it I was exhausted and ready to get away for a little Independence Day holiday. After taking several naps and drifting around in a haze for way too long, Andrew and I made the quick trip to my parents to spend our day off. I, of course, slept the whole way. We ate home-cooked meals and plenty of veg from the garden, sat by the pool and watched the moon rise, played with the pups, slept in late and lounged around the breakfast table before going out to the garden to tour the most recent growth. A coffee date with my grandparents was in order before the real festivities began: BLTs, hard cider, sunning and reading in floaties, and grilling out for steaks. It was a perfect holiday that left me rested and wanting more. Hopefully, there is a fun and relaxing weekend also in store — a trip to the farmers market and some cute stores on the square, a camping trip planning session, hopefully some house-work and decorating projects to finish, and a little date with myself and a coffee shop to finish some looming freelance projects.

1. eating this for breakfast, for lunch, for snacks, with dinner…I’m obsessed and I like it.

2. learning about self-motivation and freelance work, and how to balance it all with day jobs and a fruitful marriage. I have a couple of projects due with little motivation to do them — I’d rather drink wine and watch Wes Anderson films on Netflix with Andrew — and thus I’m breaking out the old self-discipline and edging out procrastination. Posts like this and this help.

2. drinking a lot of coffee, at work and at home: hot, cold, with goat’s milk, with coffee ice cubes…

3. we finally finished the last of our thank-you notes from the wedding, and will mail off the whole lot tomorrow!

4. finished Fahrenheit 451 and started Atlas Shrugged, one of the long line of books to read this summer.

5. trying very hard to pare down my less-than-satisfying closet. I did an exercise to eliminate the proverbial wheat from the chaff and chose the clothes that I wear and keep without obligation, because I like them. This is what I chose – a few patterns, simple shapes, a simple color palette. A few other favorites escaped the exercise because they were in the wash, but they would have added a few more reds and greens to the mix.


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