road tripping

Nothing gets me quite as excited or dreamy as the prospect of a roadtrip. It’s such an American tradition, connected with the nostalgia of the past and the thrill of an unknown journey. We’re still working on the logistics, but it’s possible that we’ll be going on a pretty wicked roadtrip later this year.

I love this planning stage. My mind is racing with packing lists, contingency plans, potential routes — this is the sort of thing my organizational side thrives on. I have categories for the essentials – such as AAA roadside service, a first-aid kit, tire jack, emergency money, sensible shoes and extra water – and one for the dream items, like decadent towels and a complex basket organizational system. Certain items are non-negotiable: our iPhones, for Google Maps and Yelp, a U.S. road map, and a directory of KOA sites. And of course, for any good roadtrip, an inspired soundtrack is required — with The Tallest Man and Sigur Ros for long, dreamy, indie stretches of highway, Ryan Bingham for the desert, and The Black Keys for a jolt of energy.

Sony DSLR camera, The Tallest Man on Earth and Eddie Vedder albums, a worn jean jacket,

striped v-neck, bright shorts, Ray Ban Wayfarers, comfy clogs, KOA directory,

Turkish bath towels, Bodum travel press, single-burner butane camp stove, energy bars, rucksack.

*     *     *     *     *

I’d like to do something like this or this at the end to commemorate the journey. More about the trip later — we’re still dreaming.

What about you? Do you like roadtrips? What are your favorite routes? What are your packing essentials?


5 thoughts on “road tripping

  1. We’re taking a road trip up the west coast this summer and I love that second idea! Thanks for sharing, and can’t wait to hear more about your trip 🙂

  2. Yes, we’re flying out to Phoenix to see Kyle’s dad then taking a trip up the California coast. Then driving back through Vegas! There will definitely be pics on the blog!

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