honey honey

I’m still working on a few catch-up posts to highlight the big events: the wedding, our honeymoon, and our new apartment together. The apartment is still taking shape, and we have art and photos to hang, but it is starting to feel more like home. We haven’t gotten our wedding photos all back yet — our sweet photographers are dealing with an illness — but those will be in soon. We just celebrated our one month anniversary with our wedding video and a fancy wine and cheese date, but I’m still holding out for those pictures. I can’t wait to make another Blurb book like the one I made with our engagement photos for our guest book.

So, to start, I’ll share a few highlights of the honeymoon. We flew to Hawaii a couple of days after the wedding, and spent 10 days in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We stayed in a nice hotel just off the coastline; I hesitate to say “on the beach” because most of the shorelines were made of hard, black lava rock from ancient volcano flows and eruptions. We drove, explored, ran, lounged, tasted, schemed, floated, and relaxed.

Instagram and my iPhone camera ended up being such great resources for capturing the details of our trips, be it snapshots of Andrew while he wasn’t looking, photos of yummy island food, or details of our hotel stay. We also brought his digital Canon, which was a blessing for big trips like the ones we took to Pearl Harbor and Volcano National Park near Hilo. As much as we both love to take pictures of what we’re doing and seeing, it was fun to concentrate on the experience of making memories together on our first “big” trip together. I am proud to say we did very well in the airports together.

We made sure to buy some Kona coffee so we could have a little taste of our island adventure every morning with breakfast.

(I had to edit out some photos and text because the WordPress uploading was being funky. My apologies!)


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