Yesterday we celebrated our one month anniversary with a relaxing morning, some extra time together in the afternoon, and an evening out for a fancy cocktail and appetizer date at Theo’s. We finished off the day by watching our wedding video and drinking tea, and it was the perfect end to a lovely holiday. And, in the same spirit, I’m going to do a series of posts to catch up with all of the festivities of late that I’ve been so bad about posting on here: graduation, the wedding, the honeymoon. I’ll start with a little Instagram series I made up — #weddingweek — leading up to the day of the wedding. Just a few captured details that would have ordinarily flown by without documentation, but I’m so glad I caught them. Next I’ll do a post about the honeymoon, as we’re still waiting on some of our wedding photos.

Until then, enjoy a taste of my life the week before the wedding — I was alternately a weepy, angsty mess and a glowing bride-to-be.

*     *     *     *     *

Top left to right: Dutch Wife beer, some of my home brew made especially for our reception; addressing thank-you notes; Scooter not helping make the ceremony backdrop; cutting and assembling programs for the ceremony; more thank-you notes; a much-needed afternoon mimosa; buying beer for the reception; a French press wedding gift; venue walk-through; party dress; bachelorette party cake; “Sex on the Beach” shot the night of the bachelorette party; 2 a.m. hot dogs on Dickson; brunch with bridesmaids at Little Bread Co. the next morning; a surprise massage from the bridesmaids; and the rehearsal dinner at Hog Haus, where I finally let go of the details and started to relax and enjoy myself.


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