Whew. Talk about life in the fast lane! This semester has only just begun and, boy, it is going to be a doozy. I’ve got waaaay more responsibility required of me in my classes than should realistically be asked of a senior in her last semester with a wedding to plan and a thesis to write. Did I mention I have a wedding to plan and a thesis to write?

Thankfully, the wedding is coming along nicely, and I have a greater control on my fear of my thesis than I did three weeks ago. One full chapter is written, another chapter is one-third of the way finished, and I have most of my introduction completed. I scheduled my date for my thesis defense and reserved a room for it, and I have witty designs on writing a collection of limericks to be read to my thesis committee in front of a “People of Walmart” slideshow for my thesis defense introduction. Seriously, it totally goes along with my thesis topic.

In other news, I’m loving my “new” apartment and being on my own. I am so productive! Although, I admit that too much of my free time is spent daydreaming about decorating and redecorating and DIY projects and thrifting for furniture. But I am a good girl and do my homework instead of acting on these daydreams.

I’ve also started working on getting back into working out. Um, hello — the wedding is like, 100 DAYS AWAY, which means that the honeymoon is right behind it. Eek! I have to maintain a slim physique for that bikini I have tucked away, plus I got my wedding gown altered a few weeks ago and it is nice and snug around my waist and hips. Mmm-hmm, my hips don’t lie. And this just means I have to keep fitting into that dress until the day is over with. So let the fitness begin!

I’m alternating between Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD, long runs out of doors when the weather permits, and a cute ab workout calendar I found on Pinterest called “Fab Ab February.” It’s really a great feeling to feel stronger and stronger each day, and to cross off a fitness “to-do” list on my calendar. And sometimes, when I’m really feeling frisky, I turn on some music and dance around in my apartment. That is something no one should ever see.

As far as total health, I’m working on cutting out most grains and sugar in my diet, in addition to excess caffeine. So far, it’s been a slow process. I do eat significantly less sugar than I did three months ago, but I still haven’t tried to go entirely without sugar — fruit, some of my sweetened nut butters, and natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. Although this may not be a manageable lifestyle habit, I want to at least try to go without all sugar for a bit. (Re: wedding dress alteration pressure.) I’ve been enjoying some naturally sweetened treats and embracing whole, healthy fats. When it comes to grains, I focus on quinoa, I eat brown rice (I just love it! Even after the fast fiasco.), and I’ve recently started experimenting with buckwheat. Almost every day I eat a piece of locally baked sprouted “Ezekiel”-style bread made with high-protein hemp, and it’s as if I can feel my nutrition improve just by adding that in my diet. So full of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins — and with some almond butter, it’s the perfect breakfast.

Magically, my coffee consumption has drastically decreased. I bought my first box of PG Tips black tea (England’s finest!) and promptly fell in love — on most mornings I drink a pot of this, and occasionally I make a little coffee in my little French press. Coffee has, for me, been reserved for special occasions, afternoon dates, or painfully early  mornings, and I must say that I enjoy the taste of a good Americano much more now than I did before I cut down.

I’ve also embarked on a massive personal project to clean out my closet and slowly but surely rebuild it into something that doesn’t turn me into an angst monster every morning. (No joke, EVERY MORNING.) My closet is in shambles, and I fear that it will only get worse, so every day or so I cull something that doesn’t fit, is too old, or that I don’t love, and I set it aside to sell or donate. Yes, my shelves are emptier as the winter goes on, but I’m learning what I need and what I think I will love, and I have hope that a stylish and complete closet is out there somewhere for me.

So, my friends — what have you been up to lately? Do you have any good stories to tell? Any daily life minutiae to share? You know I’m always curious!


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