goals, near and far

Oh, how I love lists. How I love them even more when they are completed! This is going to be a big month, what with going back to school, re-moving into my apartment, working hard on that thesis, my mama’s birthday, and my wedding dress alteration appointment. I mentioned in my last blog post that in addition to my OLW for 2012 I also have some year-long goals. I’d like to continue in my monthly goals format and break a few of them down into more manageable, bite-sized pieces.

So, off we go.


– Finish at least one chapter of my thesis. Two if I’m really sharp.

– Do a cleanse. (This is coming up next week. All brown rice and steamed veggies and LOTS of herbal tea. Plus juice. Yum.)

– Be steady in my pursuit of fitness. (Namely to tone up the waist area for those gown alterations.#weddingwinning)

– Host a small party with friends and board games and wine to celebrate/mourn our last semester together.

– Lose some bad habits and pick up some good ones: i.e., stop picking at my face and instead take my vitamins every day. Easy, right?

– Host a yard sale in my living room. I have tons of stuff that I’ve outgrown or just don’t need anymore, and what with my impending nuptials I’d like to get rid of it before Andrew and I live together. My stuff + his stuff = too much stuff. Come buy mine, okay? It will all be cheap and great!

– Sign up for a dancing class — latin, swing, ballroom — with Andrew.

– Start going to yoga class again, at least once a week. The Sunday evening classes are my favorite.

*    *    *    *

I think this is all pretty doable, and I’ll do a recap at the end of the month. Does anyone else have monthly or yearly goals to accomplish?

Let me know, I’m always curious!


3 thoughts on “goals, near and far

  1. Great goals here!;) I made a list also and fitness was one thing I think everyone thinks of…lol…! I liked the dance idea, it’s always fun to try something new. My friend and I went to a swing dance session and it was a blast!

  2. Please have a party like that and invite me. It sounds like such fun. Also PLEASE have a yard sale in your living room. And have me over for a pre-viewing, in which I will buy everything and you can cancel your sale.

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