Steady As She Goes: One Little Word 2012

There’s a movement happening on the web that gives a new perspective to goal-setting for the new year. Instead of focusing on bad habits to break, or setting unreasonably high resolutions, or creating a complex web of things to accomplish before the end of the year, these people are choosing one little word to frame the new year. Some are choosing words to encourage the accomplishment of goals, while others are looking for mindfulness, slowing down, or a reminder. You can read more about it here.

After reading about this on one of my favorite blogs, I decided to let go of some of my more complex goals for 2012 and to simplify my thinking with one little word — one little word to encourage me to take a breath and take it easy, but to keep working and pushing and striving.



This is my OLW for 2012, and I think it is already helping me to have a good start to the year. One of my faults is that I am so enthusiastic and inspired and I create lofty goals and design fantastically complex and difficult idea systems, only to wear myself out and fail miserably when I’m not able to sustain such behavior/regimens/etc. Especially in this year of hustle and bustle and major changes — can you say thesis, wedding planning, graduation, job searching, wedding/marriage, moving, and all within the span of five months???? — I want to maintain a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle, all the while loving those around me and striving for healthy habits. None of this comes from sporadic, manic behavior, nor does it stem from frantic bursts of juice fasting or running miles a day or writing my entire thesis in a week.

Rather, I’d like to cultivate the kind of discipline and demeanor that is steady. I want to steadily maintain a healthy diet, I want to exercise consistently (although perhaps in smaller amounts), and I’d like to slowly but steadily crank out this thesis so that I’m not stressed to the max when April rolls around. Catch my drift?

In 2012, I’m going to try to be steady: reliable, constant, level and even. Sure, I’ve got a list of goals and bad habits to break, but I don’t feel anxiety about completing them because I’m learning that, in this journey, slow and steady wins the race.

Or at least finishes the thesis.

*     *     *     *     *

What are your plans for this new year? Do you have goals or lists ready? Do you have one little word to keep you going?

Let me know, I’m always curious!


One thought on “Steady As She Goes: One Little Word 2012

  1. I tend to have lots of big ideas, but struggle to do them unless I write it down and hold myself to it. So, for 2012, my one little word is:


    -PLAN, then DO.
    -Plan for fun.
    -Plan for creativity.
    -Plan for dream realization!

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