2011 in review

What a year this was: so full of change and moving and learning and growing and hardship. Full of new beginnings and the promise of the future. I’ve been thinking about all of the happenings and I want to trace, in a timeline-like format, the events of the past year. Buckle up for the ride!

In 2011 I:

Lived in my first apartment.

Finished my junior year and started my senior year of college. (And started that darn thesis!)

Got engaged!

Turned 21 and had my first legal drink.

Brewed my first batch of beer. (Dutch Wife Busty Porter)

Went to a family reunion in Lawton, Okla.

Gardened and read Michael Pollan.

Moved into a new apartment and loved it. (Note: this is the showroom apartment. Mine is not so nice.)

Got passionate, got lost, and got inspired.

Travelled to St. Louis, Dallas, New Orleans, the Arkansas Delta (numerous times), Tulsa and Little Rock.

Saw Fleet Foxes in concert!!

Dressed like a zombie-lumberjack for a Halloween party. (In the background — foreground is Alli and Nick!)

Went to my first AF Dining Out.

Watched my first World Series and saw the Cardinals win.

Made new friends and kept the old.

Had engagement photos taken in our favorite bookstore.

Watched three dear, dear friends get married. (Here’s to you, Mille, Chelsea and Stevie! xoxo)

Got a little bitty puppy and a big, big dog.

Adopted some great habits and kept some of the bad ones.

Got published.

Started a “professional” blog.

Planned our wedding. (Still planning…)

Had a mini high school reunion — and it was a blast!

Celebrated the new year with more of a bang than ever before: with my parents, my love, a festive wedding & a bridesmaid dress, and Cletus Got Shot. (And the next morning, brunch and a slight hangover. What a way to start the year!)

*     *     *     *     *

Happy 2012! May it be merry and bright and full of more of the good things!


One thought on “2011 in review

  1. Sounds like a very nice year 🙂 I am so looking forward to another year of friendship with you- I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage, celebrate Andrew’s commissioning, and speak more French with you! Yay for 2011, yay for 2012!

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