Thankful: 27, 28, 29, 30

Thankful 27: I am thankful for a long car ride back to Arkansas with Andrew, to hold hands and listen to music and decipher the Decemberists’s “The Hazards of Love” and to discuss our future and our wedding. It was a lengthy journey and a tedious drive, but I am always thankful to have him with me for the ride. Life is not necessarily about the destination, but about enjoying the adventures along the way — and so much the better if you’ve got a companion alongside you.

Thankful 28: I am thankful for a restful afternoon. I’ve been feeling really under the weather since Thanksgiving, and instead of coming home to a flurry of work and activities and errands and a massive to-do list, I put it all aside in favor of reading with tea and a humidifier and a cozy blanket. I feel better, and I think a good night’s sleep is just the thing to get me past this little bug. (Also thankful for dinner: chunky spaghetti sauce made with slow-roasted tomatoes and eggplant from the farmer’s market, whole-wheat spaghetti, red wine, and a few browned butter chocolate chip cookies.)

Thankful 29: Today was a sick day, and although it’s never fun to be ill I am thankful that I had the leisure to stay home from class, rest, drink lots of fluids and take a two hour nap. I finished a paper and got started on some other assignments, plus made a few Christmas cards and tidied up some things that needed to be tidied. But mostly I rested, and today was a good reminder that sometimes it’s necessary to stop, listen to our bodies, and take a time-out.

Thankful 30: I’m thankful for an entire month of awareness of the things around me, to heighten my sense of gratitude. And I am thankful for an entire month ahead to celebrate Christmas. I’m thankful for some little jobs to give me a little cash to buy some little gifts for the people I love, and I am thankful for the prospect of snow in the months ahead. Thanks for joining me!

*     *     *     *     *

What are you thankful for? Join me in giving thanks for one thing each day this month, and let’s be grateful together.


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