Thankful: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Thankful 13: a quiet night at home to rest, recover, watch “my show” and go to bed early. (Although I slept for nine hours that night, I could’ve slept for at least three more. So. Tired.)

Thankful 14: standing coffee/cocktail dates with my best friend, Elise.

Thankful 15: daily adventures and the bourbon apple cider at the Wine Cellar

Thankful 16: I had exact change in my wallet, with which I bought a few ingredients to make this delicious cheesy recipe. I ate it and drank red wine and I was thankful. Is it only Wednesday? Geez.

Thankful 17: I am thankful for a change in attitude, a change in the wind, and a chance to shine — “Choose to shine” is my new motto.

Thankful 18: I am thankful for a quiet night in. As much as I like parties and people and fun events, sometimes I just need to go home and wallow, and I’m grateful that I have somebody to celebrate the end of the week with, even when I’m really, really grumpy. And tired. Ugh, Friday, you really could have gotten here sooner. (Hmm…this is really similar to Thankful 13. Can you tell it’s been one of those weeks?)

Thankful 19: I am thankful for all of the trees and wilderness that are in this area. It’s so easy to get to someplace remote and quiet and green and refreshing. Today was a gorgeous day and I went out to the Ozark National Forest around Lake Wedington to celebrate it. I will go back there again if this nice weather persists.

*     *      *      *     *

What are you thankful for? Join me in giving thanks for one thing each day this month, and let’s be grateful together.


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