Thankful: 3

I’m so very thankful for my Daddy. This is a photo of us from two birthdays ago, when I made him a chocolate spelt cake with peanut butter frosting. We have a weird and cute and close relationship, and he’s taught me so much about so many things: finance, survival, guns, livestock, drinking, sports, literature, politics, humor and storytelling. This week he came to town in the afternoon and met my coworkers at the library, and then we went out for a cocktail and fancy dinner just because it was a Monday night. This weekend I’m going home to see my family, and Daddy promised — if the weather permits — that we’d burn a brush pile. This is just one example of the mundane things that we like to do together, and because we’re together it makes them all the more special.

*     *     *     *     *

What are you thankful for? Join me in giving thanks for one thing each day this month, and let’s be grateful together.


One thought on “Thankful: 3

  1. Your Dad is a pretty good guy and I’m glad I’ve known him all these years. I know he’s quite proud of you. I really miss being able to drop in the bank and visit with him like I did so often when we both were in GF.

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