Working for the weekend

I am so ready for the weekend right now, it’s not funny. My motivation for school, for work, for thesis — don’t even mention that to me — is slowly declining and I NEED TO RETRIEVE IT before I utterly collapse. Finals are coming. More importantly, Thanksgiving Break is coming.

And before all of this is the glorious weekend ahead. Yes, I understand that it’s only Tuesday and I need to suck it up and work hard like a real adult, but give me a break. I can dream, yes? And thus, my weekend plans are as follows:

– Get my hair done and paint my nails and get all dressed up in a fancy red frock for ROTC Dining Out — this is my first formal event with Andrew, and I’m so excited to take some photos with him in his dress blues. Such a hunk. And please ignore the fact that this will be the first time I’ve shaved my legs in kind of a long time. I digress.

– The very next morning, bright and early, I will take the GRE. This is the portion of my weekend that will feel more like the workweek than the holiday that it should be, but I’ll be glad to get this first test under my belt for future experience. I’m using this as a test run, to prepare me for another, more serious attempt later without having to cram and study those thick, floppy practice books that cost $45. I don’t have time for that mess.

– If I am not utterly exhausted from four hours of standardized test-taking, I’ll swing by the farmer’s market, perhaps pick up some lunch, and then return home for some quiet, oh glorious quiet. I will most likely take a nap. And then I will bake this and scrounge together an acceptable Halloween costume — again, if I’m not so utterly exhausted or disappointed in my failed attempt to try this whole grad school thing that I just want to hide in a cave and cry. (Any ideas for a costume?)

– I most certainly hope that I can celebrate the Cardinals’s domination of the World Series this weekend. If not, that cave idea is sounding better and better…

– A crepe date with a sweet friend is in the works, and I certainly hope it goes through because I think she’s fantastic and I’d like to know her better. Plus, I am certain there will be coffee involved.

*     *     *     *     *

Not too shabby, eh? And, as with every weekend, I hope to end it with some yoga and a good night’s sleep. What does your weekend look like?


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