All In a Golden Afternoon

The engagement photo shoot with Helen + Lindi went so well yesterday – Andrew and I were talking today about how much fun we had, and how gorgeous we think the photos they’ve already shared with us are. Like this:

Oohhh, this is my favorite of the ones we’ve seen so far. I think it captures the fact that I would rather spend an evening in a bookstore with Andrew than anywhere else with anyone else. That, and the fact that we love books.

Our wonderful photographers made us feel so comfortable, and they were really great at giving direction and covering all of the things we asked for in addition to suggesting their own ideas. We had our first photo session is a meadow, and then we went to the Dickson Street Bookstore, where this photo was taken. For a few more sneak peeks, check out Bettencourt Chase Photography’s Facebook page.

After the shoot we were famished, and soon our previous dinner plans had been ditched because of my forgetfulness (I managed to leave my apartment without taking our dinner out of the freezer to thaw — no way am I going to eat a beef and noodle popsicle) and the short time span in which I go from hungry to ravenous to a monster.

So we ate at our favorite Thai restaurant, Twin Kitchen, and tried but failed to watch the Cardinals game.

Altogether it was a celebratory Monday night – and you’d better believe I got absolutely no homework done.



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