Engagement Photos

It seems as though I’ve been waiting for this day FOREVER. Andrew and I apparently don’t understand the timeline for engagements, as we’ve been engaged for almost exactly six months now and are just getting around to having our engagement photos taken. I guess since we have such a long engagement, we could afford the wait.

But can I just confess how antsy I have been?? [SO ANTSY.]

This evening we’re going to traipse down to a little hidden meadow and take some photos with the lovely Helen and Lindi of Bettencourt-Chase Photography. Remember them from the giveaway this winter? They make and bake the most fantastic things, and all on top of this they are top-notch women and have a great eye for photos.

In honor of the occasion, I bought a new [vintage!] pink dress, curled my hair and painted my nails like this:


Andrew got a haircut and probably won’t do anything else to prepare because he’s good-looking and a boy.

I’m looking forward to taking some pretty pictures together like this:


So soft, pretty, easy, natural and romantic.And if we have enough time this evening we’re going to set up shop in our favorite used bookstore and post among the stacks. Like this:


*     *     *    *

Wish us luck! xoxo


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