Grocery Store In my pantry

I need to reevaluate my food needs compared to my food wants.

I’ve been trying to cook and/or bake some things for a good two and a half weeks and, consistently, they have been pretty sorry. Take my bundt cake, then some old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies that absolutely failed, then last night’s dal that was disappointing…Have I lost my cooking touch?

I’m underseasoning, overbaking, underprepared and overthinking.

So it’s time to streamline. Leftovers are:

chorizo/white bean soup  << couldn’t stand the thought of eating this again. Goodbye.

-last night’s spicy broccoli dal

-fresh veg: julienned kale, carrot sticks, cukes and bell peppers, salad greens

-green grapes

homemade hummus  << Mold got it.

-1 smoothie

-2 salmon fillets

2 servings Chickpea Chop << I have decided once and for all that I do not like aioli. Too little, too late.

-1 egg (yep, just one, hanging out in it’s container, all lonely)

*   *   *

I need to eat leftovers before I even start to reevaluate – how disappointing to have to eat your failures a second time!

But all I need is a little creativity and some pantry magic. Contents: 1 bunch bananas, 2 acorn squash, 1 spaghetti squash, millet and quinoa…let’s do some food math.

Lentil Dal + fried egg = curried egg stir-fry

Chickpea Chop + greens + olives = yummy lunch X 2  (Not so fast.)

Chorizo soup + spaghetti squash = Spaghetti and meatballs with a Spanish twist << Soup, this just wasn’t your day.

Veggies + hummus = um, duh << Mold ruins everything except penicillin.

Smoothie = breakfast!

Banana = snack!

Sauteed kale + roasted acorn squash + cranberries = Autumnal celebration

Salmon + lemon juice + spicy herb rub + quinoa = Healthy fat-and-protein dinner with the sweetheart

*   *   *

Not so bad, eh? And no grocery shopping needed!

How do you plan meals? Do you build a list around what you want or what you have?

Let me know, I’m always curious!

* The edits are obscene. I got home and threw a lot of things away – wasteful, yes, but my mind rests easier knowing I don’t have to eat my mistakes again. Don’t you wish life was that way too? That we could just throw the things we didn’t want to deal with any more into the trash can and forget about it? And yet, we must keep calm and let acceptance wash over us, because life is life and that’s all we can do. xoxo


5 thoughts on “Grocery Store In my pantry

  1. Jane Grigson writes about serving delicious white beans in broth for “tired urban stomachs”–she has a delightful line in her recipes about cooking beans in “the usual way”! What is the usual way? As for me and my house, we will be eating small white beans and ham in a homemade chicken broth this evening, along with cornbread and applebutter. I am humming an old tune, “Beans, beans, the musical fruit” and am thinking of my dearest friend who just last week told me about a wonderful vegetarian bean soup recipe she made and enjoyed.

  2. awww sorry you don’t like aioli! but thanks for giving the recipe a shot! perhaps you could sub greek yogurt w/ lemon + garlic for the aioli next time…could be worth a shot. thanks for linkback girl!!

  3. This is going to be a two birds with one shot kind of deal – my first ever entry to Spaghetti Squash and also a contest entry to .I have always wanted to submit an entry to the Weekend Herb Blogging but never had the opportunity to do so. It was only 98 cents a pound and almost all the squashes were about 2-3 pounds each.

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