October Goals::

I haven’t made one of these goal posts (ha!) since the spring, but I’m feeling the need for some direction of late. I’ve been doing well as far as personal organization goes, but sometimes I just feel so lost and smothered by all I have to do. It’s manageable – that’s not the problem. My mind gets in the way and I hyper-plan and then that inevitably leads to hyperventilation. We all want to avoid that.

October Goals:

– Take a GRE practice test…and then take the GRE.

– Complete my table of contents/thesis outline.

– Commit to running every Tuesday and Thursday. (Mornings when I can get ’em)

– Visit a pumpkin patch and an orchard!

– Attend a pre-marital conference.

– Clean out my closet – and I mean really clean it out.

– Revamp my “professional” blog design. (Have you seen it? This is what I want it to look like eventually.)

*   *   *

Most of these are small goals – I’m already scheduled to take the GRE and signed up for a pre-marital event with Andrew, but sometimes it is good to get these things out of my head and onto, er, paper.

What are your goals for this month?


2 thoughts on “October Goals::

  1. My goal is to regard the days I have with my growing children with some serenity, and with less worry. I want to spend more time seeing them as they are, 10, 12, 14 and 16, and let God be the guide for them and me as they spend these next few years maturing here at home.

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